Kiki LoPachinOwner

About me

Hi! I’m Kiki, mother of two, wife, Texas resident and small business owner of this little shop! In case we haven’t met yet, I’d like to tell you a bit on how this little light of mine came about and where we are now.


In 2002, right after my first born, I started experimenting with candle making. Partly out of curiosity and partly because I genuinely wanted higher quality candles than what I was purchasing in the store. Curiosity leading the way, I started mixing scents, playing with various waxes and making small batches of candles for close friends and family. From there, The Rusty Flame Candle Company came about.


Today, I still mix and hand pour each candle. I also still share my batches with friends and family and take my little candle collection on the road to various events around Texas. And most importantly, I still make each candle with the highest quality ingredients and provide them to you in eco-friendly reusable containers. Why? Because sometimes it’s the little things…


Office 210 845-2663


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