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Our Story

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The Rusty Flame Candle Co. began in early 2002.  I was a brand new mommy looking for a healthier candle to burn in my home.  I started experimenting with soy wax and different fragrance oils that I could find at my local craft store. After many many many many trial runs, I upt’d my ingredient game and developed a few favorite scents.  After friends and family started requesting my candles to burn in their own homes and to give as gifts, The Rusty Flame Candle Co. was born!


About our candles

Our candles are creatively crafted with the highest-quality ingredients. The finest fragrant oils combine with pure soy wax to create unique scents that are reminiscent of your favorite places, spaces or sweets. Our candles have long-lasting burn times with scent throws that can fill an entire home … all because of our commitment to quality.


High standards is an unwavering passion of this small shop. Only 100% natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, soy wax that is sourced directly within the U.S is used, ensuring that our candles burn cleaner and longer than petroleum-based paraffin candles. Additionally, we pour each candle into recyclable containers and purposefully do not use any dye or coloring into our mixes.


Our Process

Home Page

TRFCC candles are made by hand with lots of love mixed in from start to finish. Before being poured, each candle starts out with a specific scent in mind; such as Coconut Bourbon, Cowgirl or The Gentleman. We personally mix together different fragrances until we’ve reached the very best blend.   


Premium scents begin with high quality fragrance oils and 100% all natural, non-toxic soy wax.


Though some of our scents start with a specific aroma in mind, others do not. This is where the naming process comes in. Since our candles are custom, you’ll find unique scents in our shop that you cannot find elsewhere.


From our home to yours, each candle carries a little bit hand-crafted love and happiness. Let them shine, let them shine.

Our candles are developed with you in mind!


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